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About Sunshine Preschool:

Sunshine Preschool – To be a leader in preschool education and day-care center, provide children a home-away-from-home ‘to give them’ best-in-class’ environment to optimize their potential.

Sunshine Preschool

“Sunshine India’s first preschool and children’s day care chain, is a venture of the SatNav Group. SatNav is a pioneer and leader in the preschool cum daycare concept in India since 2004, now present at 30 locations in Twin Cities! Our institute portals to this day Sunshine’s several children’s day care centers for working parents ensure that it is a pre-school and 12 + hour day care center near a workplace or at home Sunshine offers children from 12 months to 12 years the school focuses on all Facets of the development of children, including linguistic, physical, socio-emotional, cognitive and creative areas, all areas of growth and development are equally equated. Recent research shows that the experience in the early years (under 5 years ) A child what the child looks like an adult In. Sunshine keep in mind that 50% of the cognitive development of a child with the age of 5 is over. Therefore, we advocate that a preschool sh Would be the preferred choice for parents rather than a regular school in these tender years. Sunshine shareholders include CfBT, a UK-based trust that is the world leader in providing education and training services. Old Station Nursery, the pre-schools and day-care centers in the UK and Benett & Coleman Company Ltd, a leading media group in India with presence on television, radio, internet, newspapers and magazines.

  • The Sunshine is now present in 30+ locations in Twin Cities
  • Joint venture with CfBT, UK & Technical Collaboration with Old Station Nursery, UK
  • FREE CCTV access to parents to see house or office, get peace of mind
  • 11 activity corners, each learning outcomes and integrations with curriculum for preschool & daycare center
  • Neighborhood community center with out school activities. A game zone with activity corners
  • Preschool operates from 9 am to 12.30pm
  • Offers playgroup, kindergarten, LKG, UKG and children’s playground
  • For children from 12 months to 12 years
  • Topic-based, appropriate curriculum with activity-based learning
  • Game method of teaching
  • Weekly e-mail and SMS communication on topics and concepts
  • Over 500 activity sheets given each year as part of the fee, sheets sent home
  • Clean classrooms, dining room and toilets
  • Regular open house for parents and grandparents
  • Performs regular training programs and expands the skills of the staff
  • Ties with prestigious schools that help the child to accept higher classes
  • The children’s playground is open from 8 am to 8 pm
  • Comprehensive after-school activities with planned activities
  • Help with manual work
  • Hygiene and safety are paramount
  • Snacks and healthy dietary principles
  • Parent feedback actively sought & implemented
  • Child-friendly rooms
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